n.): The creative process in which a design’s intrinsic nature is revealed through detailed analysis, collaboration and discovery.

About Us


Imagineity is an emerging design and architecture practice dedicated to the creation of beauty in the built environment.

We have over 30 years' planning and design experience in projects of nearly every type, size and scale - from intimate residential additions to multimillion dollar commercial and educational facilities; from early "visioning" surveys and feasibility studies to complete campus master plans.


Our focus starts and ends with you.

We are here to help make your dreams a reality. Your project is the outcome of a shared journey of discovery - in which your needs, goals, budget and schedule are paired with our expertise to inform its design. 

We start by working to gain an in-depth understanding of your world and that of your stakeholders. Your past experiences, lessons learned, and detailed requirements from "must haves" to "wish list" desires.

Ideally we'd begin the conversation when you're in the "information gathering" stage, long before you're ready to start building. But wherever you are in your process, we can help.

"Your project is the outcome of a shared journey of discovery - in which your needs, goals, budget, and schedule are paired with our expertise all inform its design."


Some projects are meant to be works of art. Others are grounded in function. But whatever their origin, we believe there is an innate beauty to be found in every one.

We offer full service, from the initial enabling work and conceptual studies through permitting, construction contract administration and post-occupancy reviews.

Our experience spans a wide range of project and building types. To see a representative sample of our past work, click on the links below.

STT Rt66 Large Square-2

Steven T. Tozer, AIA, LEED AP, is founder and principal of Imagineity. A native of St. Petersburg, he attended the University of Florida and Penn before embarking on an architecture career that would include nearly every type of project, client and construction delivery method. But design has always been his passion.

"The difference between Architecture and building is that the former has the ability to evoke an emotional response in those who experience it. Our role as designers is to translate our clients' aspirations into a lasting work that meets all their functional needs while elevating the human spirit..."

Click here for Steve's resume and bio.